Godaddy Virtual Servers and RDP are not my friend…

It seems to be every day or so I try and RDP into my virtual server I have hosted at GoDaddy, and the thing just decides I shouldn’t be allowed to connect. It’s a wonderful feeling to know you can see your pages being server, processes still active, but the RDP connection just gets instantaneously rejected. If I had but a clue why this happens, but I chalk it up to their proprietary virtual server quirks.

One of these days they will get their act together and I won’t have to issue a reboot request every time I want to terminal in.

UPDATE: So after talking with the GoDaddy folks, I find out that they have a single license for the virtual servers. Only one connection is allowed in at a time. When you are used to Windows normal 2 connections, this is pretty annoying. If your connection drops and you try to reconnect, it doesn’t always honor the reconnect. It sits in some sort of limbo and blocks up the port. The only way to fix it is to reboot the server. Fun, right?

If you want to avoid this, just make sure you log off after every session. Start ->Logoff. Not the lovely Red X, that just disconnects you leaving the session logged on.

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