Dotfuscator and KernelBase crashes, .NET crash with your application or service after obfuscation

Quick Tip: Don’t let Dotfuscator auto-sign your assemblies without specifying the key file explicitly.

I spent the last hour beating my head into the wall, again, trying to figure out why Dotfuscator was creating a crap exe. I turned off every option, no help.I figured it must be because I am writing a windows service, so I tried it on a normal exe of mine.

Everything worked fine there. The pain , oh the pain. Well, it finally dawns on me to try turning off my digital signature on my service. Voila! Dotfuscator no longer create the crap exe that threw awesome KernelBase.dll exceptions.

So, it turns out the Dotfuscator’s auto re-sign sucks. The trick is that if you do the re-sign, make sure you explicitly specify the signing key path.

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