Windows Live Mesh–Piece of Crap

I thought the Live Mesh was a decent product, slow but decent. That is, until I decided to disconnect a display while I was using it. My thought, it would speed up transfer since I have three monitors, that is a  lot of data.

Well, it worked fine while I was remote. I got into the office, went to turn my computer on and all I saw on my primary monitor was a mouse cursor. The display would not show anything but a black screen with a cursor. I rebooted 4 times, no avail. Disconnected (physically) that monitor and the others had the same issue, all black, just a cursor.

I ended up remoting in from another machine, which still worked fine, and had to uninstall live mesh. This of course after trying a bunch of things, such as reenabling the monitor I disabled etc.

Long story short, Live Mesh can cost you hours in frustration and lock you out of your own computer.

That lands it in the Piece of Crap category.

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