PrazeMe Q1 2018 Update

Be a better manager, build better employees! PrazeMe is a performance management system for people managers, simplifying the coaching and feedback process so you can concentrate on your core work.

New Features at-a-glance for the Q1 Release

    • Supervisors
    • Assessment Distribution Support for offline or external user scenarios
    • Assessment Naming
    • Reports
    • Enhanced User Experience(UX)

Supervisors (Project leads,etc)

You asked for it, now it’s here. PrazeMe always followed the organization hierarchy of traditional business, but not all businesses are traditional. We have been made aware of a  lot of people who have project workers, so they get assigned to multiple “bosses” and they should all be able to track and share feedback as well as do assessments for the employees.
A common scenario for one employer was workers who changed projects every couple of weeks, they wanted the ability to have each of the project managers write a feedback assessment report after each project and let the new project lead see that information. Now they can. The employee can have an unlimited number of supervisors(still only one direct manager though), which all have access to the employee file.

What the difference between the Manager and the Supervisor?
Simple. Supervisors can see the employees profile, Manager’s can also access all the direct employees of that employee all the way down the tree.

Assessment Distribution

We have customers who have a workforce that works for other customers. Staffing agency scenario is a common one. Now they have two choices for how to handle this situation.

1) Setup the manager at the worksite on their PrazeMe company profile and set them as a supervisor.
2) Use the new Assessment Distribution option.

How does this new feature work?
You start an assessment for the employee, then click the Overview link. You can then hit the Print Offline link and get a survey form you can print and send over to the manager for them to fill out. They send it back and you fill in the survey yourself using the information they provided.

Assessment Naming

The existing method for assessment was date based, but we thought we could do better. Now you name the assessment so it is easier to identify. Q1 2018 Quarterly review, or 2018 Contoso Project Assignment Review are much more meaningful than just 03/28/2018.
This feature is for all new assessments you create. We are planning on adding a rename feature later for you to adjust existing assessments. Stay tuned!


We are in the process of rolling out reports We currently have 3 of them. All reports currently require a Pro license.

  • Employee Feedback Aggregate Report (HR Access only)
    • Allows you to guage all your employees based on past feedback and see if its mostly positive or negative, and then drill into their profile
  • Employee Assessment Score Report (HR Access only)
    • You can quickly see the last 5 assessment scores for all employees to tracking positive or negative trending
  • Feedback that I have created report
    • A report of all the feedback you have created for all employees

Enhanced User Experience

We have been working hard and are still in the process of overhauling the system to be even more user friendly and easy to use. We pride ourselves on being one of the easiest system for people to use. If you have any suggestions or areas in which we can improve, please let us know. Our UX engineers believe the customers need simple and effective software and that is what we strive to deliver.

Some areas you may have noticed are we have moved the Add Feedback, Add Assessment and Add Goal to the top of the employee profile page to make this a quick option since those are the most used features on a daily basis.

We have added sticky panels. When you collapse a panel in the employee profile section, it will remember that on your device and keep those panels the way you want them.

Panel badges. Easily see how many assessments, pieces of feedback, etc there are.

The dashboard has been cleaned up and simplified even more. There are number of other small changes that have been made to enhance the system.

We hope you come check out all the new features!

If you no longer use PrazeMe but would like to check us out again, let us know and we can renew your trial license.

Have a lot of employees? Let us know as we offer price breaks and concierge setup.

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