Click event bug with the iPad when using jQuery

I am writing a web application that uses a kendo grid with a detail pane. I hooked up a click event on a table in the detail pane to navigate to another page. It worked beautifully on the desktop. I tested on the iPad, and when you clicked a row, it would immediately fire off […]

How to do a smooth scroll to an element/div with jquery

I was looking for a neat way to load dynamic data and then scroll the user to it. I wanted it to look smooth as well. Quick jumps make it look too harsh, like a page refresh. Here is a simply function you can use. Just pass an element to it, jquery wrapped. function….. [javascript] […]

How to display a complex type/list in a Kendo UI Grid client side using a simple template

I had the need to display multiple values from a list that was attached to each row. Simply put, I had a list of Roles the user could be in for each record. I wanted to display them delimited. Turns out, not that hard. I at first was not loving the idea of using the […]

How to set specific filter options with the Kendo UI Grid in Javascript!

I spent about an hour trying to decipher the cryptic documentation that Telerik provides. It’s really difficult to use, especially with hundreds of method on one page and not even organized. Clicking each property should give access to its member properties and be navigable heirarchicaly. Well, its not. Anyway, rant over. I was trying to […]

WordPress Plugin Updates Fails in IIS 7. Locks folder after delete and requires an IIS restart to release file locks

I was trying to update the plugins on my WordPress blog today, and it failed….again and again…and again. I was used to the auto update not working. So much so, I always backup my plugins folder, try and then replace the old version and carry on. Well today, I was fed up and wanted to […]

What is the difference between # and . in CSS?

I kept seeing style generators format some css tags with a #(pound) sign and the css style have a .(period) in front of the declaration. This got me to thinking, wtf is the difference? I was never a big CSS stylesheet guy. I know my way around it, but generally used style builder tools to […]