How to programmatically change your Windows domain password using C# (.NET)

Ever wanted to write a program that would change your password for you? Why on earth would you want this? Well, imagine you have a password policy that requires you to change your password every X days. Well, maybe you like your password and think it dumb to have to keep changing it. Maybe you […]

.NET Illuminator v1 Alpha Released to the wild

So….I finally decided to release my alpha version to all you hooligans who want to see whats under the hood of fellow .NET’ers applications. You can use .NET Illuminator to see all the UI objects in another .NET application and even manipulate them. Yes, pretend like you are in Visual Studios Form Designer and just […]

Let’s all jump into the pool..The SQL Connection pool that is..

I was out swimming in the data pool and I started thinking to myself, how many people are sharing the same pool without me even knowing they are there? How did I even get into the pool? And why is the water so cold? Well, if you are using ADO.NET with SqlConnection , you are […]

Do I need a shot because I am thinking of an Injection?

I began thinking more and more about writing an application that is able to “illuminate” another .NET process. Basically, I want to be able to inject some code into another .NET application and then provide the ability to see all of the user controls and Forms loaded in the application as objects that can be […]