How to scroll a container or element into view using jQuery javascript in your html.

I had a simple need. This functionality expands on the way I was bringing a Kendo Grid detail template into view on selection. I wanted a better look feel so I dug a little deeper. I adapted this function to work on any container or element. I am using this in a custom table that […]

How to animate a slide from the right with the Jquery show command

I didn’t see this in the documentation, but I’m sure its there somewhere. Here is an easy way to slide in a container/div/etc from the right. $(“#myActionsAuditUnitContainer”).show({ effect: “slide”,direction:”right”, duration: 900 }); Use the direction option. Nice and easy. Happy Coding!

How to add complex headers to a Kendo grid using simple jQuery javascript

I was trolling through the horrible documentation provided by Telerik for the kendo grid. I needed to create a complex header. Basically, a two row header so that I could group columns in a visually meaningful way. simple example: I spent far too much time reading how it couldn’t be done. A light bulb finally […]

Click event bug with the iPad when using jQuery

I am writing a web application that uses a kendo grid with a detail pane. I hooked up a click event on a table in the detail pane to navigate to another page. It worked beautifully on the desktop. I tested on the iPad, and when you clicked a row, it would immediately fire off […]

How to do a smooth scroll to an element/div with jquery

I was looking for a neat way to load dynamic data and then scroll the user to it. I wanted it to look smooth as well. Quick jumps make it look too harsh, like a page refresh. Here is a simply function you can use. Just pass an element to it, jquery wrapped. function….. [javascript] […]